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Since 2000, Company Abercade has established a practice in the area of Biotechnology.
Since 2001, Abercade has been publishing annual reports characterizing situation in the Russian biotech market. Since 2005, Abercade has been producing annual market monitoring issues for individual market segments (enzymes, amino acids, biofuel, etc.).
Abercade has been conducting regular monitoring of projects associated with the development and manufacture of biologics. In an 8-year period, an extensive database of research centers and companies has been developed; dozens of projects have received assessment; and, funding has been raised for several projects.
In 2007, Abercadeprovided support for the project on establishing a large-scale industrial production of biofuel (and co-products) in Russia with the output of up to 1 mln. tons of grain per year.
Clients and Partners  in Biotechnological sphare

 Russian companies and research centers:

  • Production Association (PA) Sibbiopharm (manufacture of enzymatic products)
  • Open Joint Stock Company Vostok (manufacture of enzymatic products)
  • Open Joint Stock Company Biochemmash (equipment and technologies for manufacturing biologics)
  • Company Elevar (food production engineering)
  • Company Bigor (food production engineering)
  • Center Bioengineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences (research in agro-biology)
  • State Research Center Vector (the world largest research center for virology)
  • Company Partner (the RF largest producer of bifidobacterine)
  • Engelgard Institute of Microbiology
  • All-Russian Research Center for Molecular Diagnostics and Treatment (known for its joint projects with Group Industrial Investors.
  • Agro-Industrial Complex Titan (the first CIS manufacturer of biofuel)
  • Open Joint Stock Company Enzyme (Ukraine, major manufacturer of enzymatic products)

Major international biotech corporations

  • Ajinomoto (world leader in the production of amino acids)
  • CJ Corp (second position in the world production of amino acids)
  • Genencor (world leader in the production of enzymatic products)
  • DSM (production of a wide range of industrial biologics)

International organizations:

  • International Science and Technology Center (ISTC)
  • US State Department (BioIndustry Initiative Program)
  • US Department of Agriculture
  • ANVAR Program (France)

Non-profit organizations and funds:

  • Consortium Biomac
  • Association TEMPO
  • Russian Society of Biotechnologists


For the last 8 years, Abercade has been conducting systematic research of the market of tare, package and capping products. Annual market monitoring documents are issued for all key commodity lines represented in this market: tare and package made of glass, cardboard, tin, industrial and shipment tare made of polymers, flexible package. A series of surveys Capping Products consists of seven reports on the main types of caps, covers and reports on dosing and spraying devices.  
In addition to the surveys of tare and package market, Abercade also makes analysis of the market of packing equipment (including labeling and marking equipment) and equipment for manufacturing tare and package. A multi-year market research of labels and label paper is a really unique study.
Thus, Abercade has established a comprehensive monitoring system covering over 100 commodity groups in the Russian market of tare and package. It is a really unique analytical product in the Russian market place as regards its completeness and detailed elaboration.
In 2007, Abercade expanded its research geography and proposed to its clientele overviews of the world market of paper and cardboard. In 2008, monitoring issues on tare and package have additional sections on the Ukrainian and Belarussian markets.
Clients and Partners  in Tare and Packing sphare
  • Stora Enso Packaging (one of the leaders in the world market of paper and packaging cardboard)
  • Kappa Packaging (a part of the European Group — leader in the production of corrugated cardboard package)
  • Wood company Continental Management (one of the largest wood corporations in Russia)
  • Alcoa (the world leader in the manufacture of primary aluminum, rolled products, aluminum structures and cast aluminum items)
  • Grife (the world leader in industrial package production)
  • UPM-Cummene, UPM Corporation — one of the top paper manufacturers for books and magazines.
  • M-Real (one of the largest manufacturers of paper and cardboard)
  • Ilim Group (the major international association in the Russian pulp & paper industry)
  • Rubezhnoe cardboard and tare combine (the largest manufacture of cardboard package in Europe)
  • Europlast (manufacturer of polyethylene bags and film)
  • Swiss Hub — division of the Trading Department of the Swiss Embassy
  • Trading Department of the Spanish Embassy
  • Trans Packing Group (one of the top producers of a wide range of high-quality package for strong alcohol beverages: capping products and glass bottles)
  • Polymerbyt (Russian leading manufacturer of plastic products)
  • Europlast (leading manufacturer of PET —  — performs and polymer covers in Russia and CIS countries)
  • Tissenkrupp AG (one of the largest technological concerns in the world, comprehensive supplier of ferrous and corrosion-resistant rolled metallic products)


The reform of municipal housing sector (MHS) in Russia, in additional to painful changes, has resulted in the reconsideration of consumers attitude to utilities: water, electricity, heat and gas. Our surveys demonstrate that the rate growth in MHS leads to increase in the consumption of meters.
In 2006, the consumption of water meters increased by 3-times and import — by 6 times. Dynamics in the market of electricity and gas meters is less impressive. However, we assume that it is a matter of time. Sooner or later, a large-scale transition of consumers (and producers) of utilities will occur: actually measured values will be used instead of rated indicators will be used for accounting consumed energy.
The practice Meters and Measuring Devices was initiated in 2003. We would like to extend our appreciation to ITELMA Company — our cooperation with this company paved the way in this direction.
Since 2006, Abercade has been producing a series of monitoring issues entitled Market of Meters, which includes four individual surveys of the key types of meters (water, gas, heat and electricity meters).
Clients and Partners  in Meters and Measuring devices sphare
  • Concern Energomera (the leading manufacturer of a complete model line of electronic instruments and electricity metering systems)
  • Company Aquatech (an official representative of the world leading manufacturer of Sensus Metering Systems)
  • Company Vodopribor (producer of water meters, a division of the world leader — Zenner Group)
  • Engineering Center Energoauditcontrol (services in design, launch and maintenance of automated systems of electric power accounting and control)
  • Landis & GyR (the European leader in the market of measuring instruments, meters of power consumption for household and industrial applications)
  • NPO Mir (the largest manufacturer of heat metering equipment)
  • Itelma Resource (designer and manufacturer of energy accounting devices)
  • TEM Pribor (manufacturer of heat and fluid meters)
  • Company Verle (one of the leaders in the European market of water meters)
  • Company Signal
  • Company Electropribor
  • Company Teplopribor
  • Company Teplocom


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