The 2006-2007 World Market of Gas Turbine Generator Plants

The gas turbine generator market is one of the most dynamically developing segments of the world mechanical engineering. According to the data of the 31st Power Generation Order Survey, from June 2006 through May 2007, contracts on the delivery of 518 GTGs with a total installed capacity of 4,618 MW were concluded in the world segment of plants with the unit capacity of up to 30 MW. Despite the substantial growth of the world market of GTG equipment, 2007 witnessed a considerable decrease in the number of orders on the equipment within this capacity segment. For instance, in the previous period (June 2005 through May 2006) 528 GTGs with a capacity of up to 30 MW were ordered in the world, and their total capacity was equal to 5,283 MW. The decrease in the number of purchase orders on low-capacity GTGs was primarily caused by a shift towards orders on GTGs with a higher unit capacity. For instance, in June 2006 – May 2007, the total volume of the world GTG market constituted 916 plants (58,358 MW), while in the preceding period it was equal to 831 plants (42,020 MW).
The largest share of the world market belongs to plants with a unit capacity of 20.01-30 MW (49.6%). Plants with a unit capacity of 10.01-15 MW account for 23.6% of the world orders, while plants with a unit capacity of 5.01-7.5 MW and 3.51-5 MW constitute 13.0% and 4.9% respectively.
The largest share in the structure of GTG orders belongs to projects on the delivery of plants intended for operation in the basic electrical load coverage mode (a total of 299 projects). Contracts on the delivery of 147 GTGs intended for securing emergency electricity supply as well as contracts on the delivery of 72 GTGs for covering peak loads were also concluded in the period under review.
The largest number of contracts was concluded on the delivery of GTGs operating on natural gas (243 plants). Contracts on the delivery of 114 two-fuel GTGs, 103 plants operating on diesel fuel and 58 GTGs operating on sinking fuel fractions were concluded in 2006-2007.
Structure of orders on GTGs in the 2006-2007 market by the unit capacity of plants

Source:  Abercade Research Company
Marketing Research Analysis of the 2005-2007 Market of Low-capacity Gas Turbine Electric Generator Plants

In 2006-2007, the largest number of the world’s orders on GTGs with a capacity of up to 30 MW fell on Far Eastern countries (34.7% of orders). East European countries and Russia accounted for 12.7% of contracts, North America – for 12.4%, Western Europe – for 9.7%, and South-East Asian countries and Australia – for 8.5%.

About 25 international-level companies operate in the world market competing in the manufacture of gas turbine equipment with the unit electrical capacity of up to 30 MW. The world’s top manufacturers of gas turbine equipment used for electricity generation are Siemens Power Generation, General Electric Energy, Dresser-Rand S .A., Hitachi Ltd., Power&Industrial Systems, Ingersoll-Rand Energy Systems, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Opra Technologies ASA, Pratt&Whitney, Rolls-Royce Power Engineering Plc., Solar Turbines Inc., Yanmar Co. Ltd., and Turbomach S.A.
In the segment of low-capacity gas turbines (up to 1MW) the world’s main manufacturers are such companies as Capstone Turbine Corporation (offering micro-turbine plants with a capacity of 0.03-1.0 MW), Bowman Power Ltd. (micro turbines with a capacity of 0.05-0.08 MW), Elliott Turbomachinery Company Inc. (0.1 MW), Ingersoll-Rand Energy Systems (0.25 MW).
In the segment of gas turbine power plants with a larger capacity, the world’s leading positions belong to such companies as General Electric Energy, Siemens Power Generation, Solar Turbines Inc., and Pratt&Whitney.
The most efficiency in the segment are GTGs produced by such manufacturers as Solar (up to 40%), Rolls-Royce (39.1%), Turbomach (up to 38.51%), and Pratt&Whitney.
According to the aggregated data, 29.7% of manufacturers in the GTG market produce plants with the unit capacity of up to 1 MW. The share of manufacturers producing GTGs with the maximum capacity of 1-10 MW also constitutes 29.7%. GTGs with the maximum unit capacity of 20-30 MW are offered by 24.3% of manufacturers.
Structure of the gas turbine equipment nomenclature in the world market by its main manufacturers
Source:  Abercade Research Company
Marketing Research Analysis of the 2005-2007 Market of Low-capacity Gas Turbine Electric Generator Plants

The world’s major manufacturers of gas turbine drives used in the manufacture of electricity-generating gas turbine plants are such companies as Dresser-Rand, Capstone, Rolls-Royce, Kawasaki, General Electric Energy, Mitsui, Niigata, Pratt&Whitney Canada, Siemens, Solar, Vericor and Yanmar, representing primarily West European and North American countries and Japan.

Based on the data of Abercade Research Company

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