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RF Market for Rotary Pumps

Background Information
Rotary pumps represent the most demanded category of pumping equipment, widely used by all industries, housing and communal services, power engineering. The world rotary pump market has demonstrated a considerable growth over the last 5 years.

Traditionally Russia has had a well developed pump-building industry. At the same time most types of the pumping equipment, produced in the country, are inferior to the products of the leading world manufacturers in their technical and economic indices.

An active presence of the leading foreign players on the RF market and increasing requirements of the pump users to the quality and power efficiency of the procured pumps have caused a gradual reduction of the share of the domestic manufacturers on the internal markets.

The growth of civil and industrial engineering volume, modernization of housing and communal services facilities, realization of large-scale programs to replace outdated pumping equipment by power efficient one represent the key factors, defining the growth of the pump market in the countries under review.
In 2008 production of rotary pumps in RF reduced by 6.8%, as compared to the previous year.

The largest volumes of rotary pumps (in natural terms) were produced by the following Russian manufacturers: OJSC “Livensk Production Association of Hydraulic Machines”, OJSC “Livensk Plant for Submersible Pumps”, LLC “Grundfos Istra”, CJSC “Katajsk Pump Plant”.


In terms of cost import of rotary pumps to Russia in 2007 increased by 48.6%, as compared to 2006.

From 2003 through 2007 the volume of rotary pump import to Russia increased 1.44 times.

The largest amount of rotary pumps (in terms of cost) in 2007 was imported from Germany (19.6% of the total volume of pumping equipment, imported by Russia). The volume of rotary pump import from the US made up 14.2%, from Ukraine – 10.9%, from Denmark – 10.2%.

In 2007 the export of rotary pumps from Russia reduced by USD 1.2 M, as compared to 2006 (i.e., by 1.2%).

At the same time in 2003-2007 the export of rotary pumps from Russia (in terms of cost) increased 2.9 times.

In 2007 the largest amounts of rotary pumps from Russia (in terms of cost) were exported to Kazakhstan (38.6% of the total volume of pumping equipment, exported from Russia).
The volume of rotary pump export from Russia to India in 2007 made up 24.0%, to Ukraine- 16.9%, to Uzbekistan – 6.1% (in terms of cost).

Volume and Structure of the Market

The volume of RF rotary pump market in 2008 increased by 5.0%, as compared to the previous year (in terms of cost).
By the outcome of 2008 the largest share of the Russian rotary pump market fell on circulation pumps for heating and hot water supply systems (43.51% in natural terms). The share of pumps and pumping installations for household water supply made up 18.45%, the share of household drainage and sewage pumps and installations – 12.21%, that of borehole and cradle-mounted mono-block pumps – 6.61% and 4.94%, respectively.

The diagram below presents the general structure of the RF market for household water supply pumps, rotary, borehole and engineering services pumps by the outcome of 2008.

The top-level position in the rotary pump sales structure was held by the Russian manufacturers (46% of the market). The share of Grundfos made up 15%, that of Wilo, DAB, Lowara, Flygt – 7%, 3%, 3%, 2%, respectively.
The share of other Italian pump manufacturers on the Russian market made up 6%, that of Chinese - 3%.
General Structure of the RF Rotary Pump Market by the Outcome of 2008

Source of Data: Abercade Research

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