2009 Paper and Cardboard (Waste Paper) Processing Market

Wastepaper serves as feedstock for paper and cardboard producing factories. Research in wastepaper processing is currently focused on designing specialized processing equipment and developing chemicals and auxiliaries securing the required level of wastepaper preparation.

Volume and Structure of the Russian Wastepaper Market

When assessing the total paper and cardboard processing market volume, it is necessary to take into consideration the fact that the share of paper and cardboard constitutes 21.6% of its overall volume, and 23,408,400 tons of solid wastepaper were exported from Russian cities in 2009. According to Abercade estimates, in 2009 the volume of paper and cardboard waste constituted 2,785,600 tons.

 According to experts, the share of processed paper wastes is estimated at 20%, therefore the volume of paper and cardboard processed in 2009 constituted 557,100 tons.
2009 Wastepaper Export

As compared to 2008, the volume of export increased by 19.4% in kind and decreased by 28.1% in terms of money.

About 28.7% of wastepaper export came from Rostovpererabotka Closed Joint-Stock Company. The Company exports 5B wastepaper to the Rubezhansky Cardboard and Box Factory in Ukraine, and the volume of exported wastepaper increased as compared to 2008.

Vtorexim-Sever Ltd., with its 20.7%, rates second in the volume of export. The enterprise exports 5B wastepaper to the Rubezhansky Cardboard and Box Factory and the Kiev Cardboard and Paper Factory in Ukraine. Voronezhvtorma Ltd., with its 11.2%, rates third in the total volume of wastepaper export. It exports 5B and 7B wastepaper to the Kiev Cardboard and Paper Factory. In 2009, the aggregate share of the three leading enterprises constituted 60.6% of the total volume of export.
 In 2009, the most popular brand of the exported wastepaper was 5B. It constituted 76.8% of exports.

7B wastepaper, with its 7.4%, rated second in the 2009 volume of export.
2009 Wastepaper Export Structure by Brands

Source: Abercade Research Company
2009 Wastepaper Import

In 2009, the wastepaper import into Russia was insignificant amounting only to 1,081,900 tons. It decreased by 42.5% as compared to 2008.

In terms of money, in 2009 the volume of import dropped by $184,600, or 46.9%.
Trends in the Russian Wastepaper Market

In 2009, the Russian market shrank by 8.2% in kind as compared to the previous year. Such a reduction was primarily connected with an increase in export deliveries of Russian wastepaper while its domestic collection decreased.
The structure of wastepaper consumption by Russian manufacturers of cardboard, roofing materials and other products is dominated by 5B wastepaper, which constitutes 58% of the total consumption volume. A substantial share in the wastepaper consumption structure belongs to 7B (18%) and 8B (7%) wastepaper brands. The volume of 5B, 6B, 7B and 8B wastepaper consumption amounts to approximately 92% of the total wastepaper consumption.
 2009 Wastepaper Consumption Structure by Brands

Source: Abercade Research Company

The largest wastepaper processing enterprises in Russia are the Stora Enso Packaging Ltd, Naberezhno-Chelninsky Cardboard-and-Paper Mill Closed Joint-Stock Company, Aleksinskaya Cardboard Factory, Stupinsky Cardboard and Printing Mill Ltd., and Kartontara Open Joint-Stock Company, each processing over 100,000 tons of wastepaper annually. The Balakhninsky Pulp-and-Cardboard Mill, Permsky Pulp-and-Paper Mill, Svetogorsky Pulp-and-Paper Mill, Ryazansky Cardboard-and-Ruberoid Plant, Karavayevo Open Joint-Stock Company, Altaikrovlya Open Joint-Stock Company, and Bryanskaya Paper Factory Production Amalgamation can process from 20,000 to 50,000 tons of wastepaper annually. The other manufacturers have the annual capacity of 20,000 tons and less.
Источник: Abercade Research Company
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