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Bioethanol-Fed Radars will be Deployed in Spain

Traffic police of Spain is testing a new radar, which is planned to be installed on minor roads of the country.

A distinctive feature of the novelty is that this radar needs no electricity. This system of moving vehicle speed monitoring is “fed” with bioethanol.

Because of this feature the radar can be easily installed on any road, which is a great advantage, since very often no power lines can be found near minor roads.

This new radar is being tested in Madrid. It is noteworthy, that a similar device was invented some time ago, but it was never used. This was a radar, which was supposed to operate at the expense of solar energy. But the point was, that the device lacked power for a flash, which came out with a delay, and there was no way to detect a car with the violating driver, especially during the night hours.

Since then certain improvements have been introduced, thus making the Spanish traffic police hope that the use of the novel radar will ensure a substantial reduction of the number of speed mode violators.

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