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Antiseptic Film – Poison for Bacteria

Researchers from Federal Higher Technical School in Zurich (ETN) have developed a unique antiseptic nanotechnology-based coating, ensuring a much higher level of protection as compared to the earlier known technologies.

The substance of the development of the research team, headed by Wendelin Stark lies in the mechanism of bacterium’s poisoning by microparticles of silver. The film is composed of calcium phosphate with the size of particles ranging from 20 to 50 nanometers, and fine silver with 1-2 nanometer size particles. Bacteria take up calcium as food, simultaneously swallowing silver, which is mortal for them. This helps to improve the result by three orders as compared to the efficacy of the existing Ag-containing drugs.

The product to be manufactured by Perlen Converting, a company, which took part in the project, may find a broad application in medical preparation packing.

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