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Reprocessing of Polymers has been Attributed to Strategic Industries of RF

Prime-Minister Valdimir Putin approved the list of critical technologies, subject to the law on the procedure of making foreign investments in strategic RF industries.

The list incorporates 35 technologies of high socio-economic value or crucial for national defense and security.

The list of critical technologies includes cell technologies, nanotechnologies, bioengineering and hydrogen power technologies, new and renewable energy sources.

This list also comprises technologies of processing, storage, transfer and protection of information; creation of intelligence navigation systems; processing of composite, ceramic, crystalline materials, polymers and elastomers.

Technologies of environmentally friendly deposit development and minerals mining are included in the list of critical technologies as well. In addition to this mineral prospecting and mining in the territories of federal value are referred to the list of critical technologies.

The fact that a company possesses exclusive rights to the results of intellectual activity in the area of technologies, approved by the list, complicates involvement of foreign capital in the capital of these enterprises. To have the transaction approved, permission of a government commission on foreign investments will be required.

The law “On the Procedure of Making Foreign Investments in Economic Societies of Strategic Importance to Ensure National Defense and Security” became effective in May, 2008.

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