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Cattle-Breeding in Ukraine Needs Advanced Technologies

Ukrainian meat-packing plants are being closed due to the lack of raw material. On the average a domestic meat-packing plant can reprocess 50-100 head of cattle per a day, but recently no more than 5-10 head per a day have been delivered, - as reported in a press-release of “AMAKO” company.

According to the data, provided by Goskomstat, the livestock of swine in Ukraine has reduced by 20% in the first half of 2008, and that of cattle – by 11% as compared to the same period of 2007. Reduction of livestock testifies to the existence of problems in the cattle-breeding industry.

In the meantime the state officials and representatives of the branch are searching for the way out. The national association of meat and meat food producers “Ukrmyaso” suggests, that the government suspend beef export to Russia to cut down the deficit of raw material to be reprocessed inside the country, making up at least 100 000 tons per a year. In its turn the government is planning to reimburse to the farmers interest crediting rates, taken for the sake of cattle-breeding sector development.

According to the expert opinion, Ukraine needs to introduce advanced technologies of cattle growing and cattle-breeding product reprocessing.

“There is an urgent need to re-equip the Ukrainian live farming, changing the entire approach to the business. There is practically no way to succeed without up-to-date equipment, especially in light of Ukraine’s entry to WTO. Advanced live farming facilities realize, that cattle-breeding must be the next segment to be developed following the plant growing. In ideal, this should be a closed cycle, where cattle-breeding and plant growing are interrelated. Thus, cattle-breeding supplies field fertilizers, receiving back fodder as a ‘compensation’. Approaches like that are being developed and introduced in Ukraine”, - Vitaly Skotsik, Director General of "АМАКО" says.

According to the viewpoint of АМАКО specialists, development of pig-breeding and dairy farms and integrated dairy products and meat companies seems to be the most promising. Thus dairy equipment DairyMaster allows one to produce milk, which meets all WTO requirements in terms of quality and net cost.

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