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China Toughens Requirements to Citric Acid Supplies

According to, export limitations for ferroalloys and citric acid shall be introduced from this September. This will take place within the frame of the national Chinese program on the reduction of export supply volumes as applied to the products, damaging the environment, - reads the official statement of Trade Ministry. Thus, only those exporters will retain the right to ferroalloy supply (including ferromolybdenum and ferrosilicon), which in 2007 delivered no less than 3,000 tons.

The same approach will be applied to citric acid. The right to its export will be preserved only for those companies, which in 2007 delivered no less that 5,000 tons of this ingredient (plus 1,000 tons of citrates.) The abovementioned steps of the Chinese government are intended to toughen export control as applied to chemicals, minerals and metals, their turnover being harmful for the environment. In the subsequent years the authorities are planning to stake on the development of high tech segments of industry and to move a part of “dangerous” industrial operations abroad.

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