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Borealis: Bormed grade range complemented with state-of-the- art random copolymer

Borealis is launching a new cast film grade from the Bormed™ polypropylene (PP) family – the pharmaceutical solution for film andmoulding applications - that delivers best-in-class transparency formedical packaging applications.

Making its broad market debut atPlast ’09, new Bormed RE806CF produces cast films with an optimalbalance of superior optical properties even after steam sterilisation,high purity and good sealability – a combination that puts the grade atthe head of existing random copolymer offerings.

Produced at Borealis’ new state-of-the-art PP unit in Burghausen,Germany, Bormed RE806CF is a medium ethylene random copolymerwithout slip or antiblocking agents. It is based on Borealis’ proprietaryBorstar® -Sirius catalyst technology which adds novel characteristicsto PP to enable a step change in product performance.

Bormed RE806CF allows cast films differentiated by outstandingpurity, owing to low volatiles and extractables, very high gloss and lowhaze to be achieved. It provides good thermal stability with a meltingpoint of 143°C. Its high transparency is retained during and aftersteam sterilisation processes.

Bormed RE806CF’s benefits make the grade ideal for use inapplications where transparency and sterilisation resistance are keyrequirements, such as pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical devicepackaging.
Source: Unipack.Ru
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