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Progress in barrier packaging films

Markets for specialist packaging films are developing worldwide. Andrew Reynolds, Consultant at Applied Market Information, will be giving an overview at the third international conference on Multilayer Packaging Films to be held 16-18 November 2009 at the Maritim Hotel in Cologne, Germany.

Okopet has studied markets in Central Europe and will be describing the situation on Slovakia and Hungary. This year the key topics are advanced barrier films and new biodegradable multilayer films, matching the two trends in the food packaging market to maximise food preservation and minimise environmental impact.

Taghleef Industries has focused on the latter point in developing multilayer BOPP film and Teich AG has produced a new lid film with extra convenience and functionality. This year there are key presentations from Biaxplen, Russia, on revolutionary barrier film and Superfilm Ambalaj, Turkey on specialty films. The US Army Natick Soldier Research is well-known for its research into packaging of food products and will be describing high barrier films for military rations. There are a variety of different layer materials available from polyamides (Ube Engineering Plastics) to polyethylene, requiring tie layers (DuPont de Nemours) and sometimes surface treatments to ensure good cohesion. These films may be printed or required to have sealing as well as barrier properties and these issues will be discussed at the conference. Norner Innovation has studied the overall sealing properties of polyolefins, a key feature for many applications. Extrusion Dies Industries has reviewed the use of films for retort packaging.

Food safety is of key importance and top experts will be outlining the current efforts to make sure that flexible packaging is fit for purpose. Printing ink is a hot topic in Europe and the Flint Group has expertise in the latest safety and legislative issues. Keller and Heckman advises on the legislation and food safety issues in packaging.

Technology is constantly moving on in production and key machinery companies will be present at this conference to discuss the latest developments: Macchi SpA and Kiefel Extrusion are experts in specialty film production. Control of production is key to quality and is aided by online measurement, such as that supplied by EGS Gauging.

Bioplastics are now being used in barrier films – both coated and coextruded: Novamont the material supplier has conducted research in this area. B-Pack SpA and Alcan Packaging have both added high barrier biodegradable film to their food packaging range.

Multilayer Packaging Films 2009 offers a meeting point for the food packaging industry to debate business trends and improvements in barrier film materials and properties. It provides a unique opportunity to network with the wide range of professionals who work in the flexible packaging industry.
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