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Report: Russian Market of Luminescent Lights in 2008

The market of light engineering is one of the most attractive segments of electrical equipment.

According to Abercade Company estimations, in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus from 14% to 16% of the consumed electric power is used for covering the needs of indoor and outdoor lighting.

The fleet of lighting equipment operated in these countries has largely become obsolete and does not match the up-to-date sanitary and hygienic requirements for the indoor and outdoor lighting systems or the requirements for energy efficiency. Thus, a considerable growth potential has been formed for the development of the market of lighting equipment.

Luminescent lights are the most common type of lighting installations used for the illumination of industrial and public buildings.

Over the last decades, the application of scientific and technical achievements in light engineering sector enabled to enhance significantly light and energy efficiency of discharge light sources, light engineering materials, starting up and regulating devices. Ultimately, it resulted in the remarkable reduction of costs paid for the lighting of a wide range of various premises with the use of luminescent lights.

These factors are the key reasons underlying a significant growth of the operated fleet of luminescent lights seen in the last years.

As of today, the most promising alternative to luminescent lights comprises lighting equipment based on light-emitting diodes (LEDs). A number of the leading light engineering facilities of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus have already initiated LED production.

The Russian State Corporation “Rosnano” is considering LED equipment as one of the most promising venues in the development of Russian high-tech industry.

However, a wide-scale application of LED equipment in the foreseeable future will be challenging in view of the necessity to implement a large-scale investment program on upgrades of light engineering industry in the above countries and the need to introduce the latest accomplishments and to make a radical revision of the existing design standards for lighting systems.

In this context, luminescent lamps in the foreseeable future will be the most common light sources used for the illumination of industrial and public buildings.

Research Company Abercade presents a review of the Russian market of luminescent lights for 2008.

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