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Report: Pumping Equipment Market of China in 2008

From 2001 to 2008, the rates of economy growth in China were even more impressive than in 1990-s. This has caused a boom in the Chinese pumping equipment market. An important role in the overall market growth is played by the replacement of operated pumping fleet with the advanced equipment and the introduction of more stringent national requirements for energy efficiency, as well as the increased purchasing capacity of Chinese facilities.

 This period is characterized by a significant growth of the sales volumes reported for the world top companies in the Chinese market of pumping equipment.

As to the application of technical innovations in the manufactured pumping equipment and its energy efficiency, the Chinese companies are definitely inferior to the leading foreign manufacturers of pumps. At the same time, the Chinese government policy is targeted at a significant growth of energy efficiency in the national economy for the next five years. As a result, the quality of pumping equipment made in China will improve and the cost difference between Chinese and foreign products will reduce gradually. Also, it will eliminate technology obsoleteness of the Chinese pumping equipment. 

It is expected that in 2009 the volume of production of pumps in China will reach US$7.04 billion.

Company Abercade is proposing a market research of the Chinese market of pumping equipment for 2008. The research highlights trends of the Chinese market of pumps used for pumping liquids in the key segments; reviews the structure of production, import, and export of pumping equipment; and, shows the demand for pumps with breakdown by Chinese region. Price analysis of the Chinese market of pumping equipment by segment and forecast of the pumping equipment market size until 2011 are presented.

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