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Overview of the World Nanofibre Market from 2003-2009

According to Abercade’s market survey, the nanofibre market increased almost twofold from 2003 to 2009 both in kind and in terms of money. In 2003, the volume of the nanofibre market constituted 14.6 tons while in 2009 it increased to 28.3 tons.

Some data show that consumption of carbonic nanofibre is steadily rising. It is expected that in 2010 the market volume will be equal to 67 tons instead of 32 tons.

The share of nanofibre consumption in various industrial sectors not connected with defense and aerospace uses will grow.

Profiles of Leading Companies Producing Nanofibre

Showa Denko

The headquarters of Showa Denko Company is situated in Tokyo. 

The Company is the world’s leading producer of carbonic nanofibre and offers it for sale in the market under the brand “Fine Carbon”. The Company’s annual production capacity is in the order of 100 tons.

Applied Sciences Inc.

Applied Sciences Inc. (ASI) Company is located in Ohio, the USA, and specializes in technologies in the area of high-conductivity materials.

Besides carbonic nanofibre, the Company also offers for sale thin diamond film and specializes in the production of composites based on these technologies.

Carbonic nanofibre is supplied into the market under the brand name “Pyrograf Products”. The Company’s annual production capacity is in the order of 30 tons.

Other Companies

Grupo Antolin is one of the few producers of carbonic nanofibre in Europe. The Company uses the suspended catalyst technique for its production.

Electrovac AG Company specializes in high-conductivity composite materials. It also produces nanofibre-based composites. Electrovac Company has its own technology for producing nanofibre, and it also has an agreement on cooperation with Applied Sciences Inc. and operates as the sole distributor of Pyrograf products in Europe.

Source: Abercade

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