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Research of the Russian market of laboratory diagnostics of tuberculosis (2009-2012, 2017F)

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As noted by Abercade analysts, the retrospective period is characterized by growth of the market of test systems for laboratory diagnostics of tuberculosis despite yearly declines in morbidity levels and, consequently, reduction in the number of registered subjects for follow-up in TB dispensaries.

This trend is based on the revision of approaches to diagnostics and therapy of this disease. Thus, earlier to initiate TB treatment it was required only to make diagnosis. However, at present additional diagnostic procedures are used – to detect drug resistance and pathogen type, both when TB treatment is started and during the ongoing therapy. According to the data of the Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics referred to in Abercade survey, in 2010 about 17.3% of the total number of subjects registered in the dispensaries were tested for susceptibility to antibiotics, while in 2011 (the latest updates) this group amounted to 19.1% - 19.9 thousand individuals.

Source: Abercade

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