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Rating of Flu Vaccine Producers on the Russian Market

As of 2013, the Russian flu vaccine market offered products of six producers, three of which were represented by Russian companies. According to the Abercade estimation, provided in the review of the Russian market of flu vaccines, applied in 2005-2013 for the flu prevention, the rating of producers in 2013 looks as follows:

Based on the results of a quantitative estimation, the Russian FSUE RPA Microgen appears to be the largest producer on the flu vaccine market. Its share accounts for 63% of the total volume of supply, which makes up approximately 25.2 million vaccine doses, or 44% in terms of value. 

The absolute leadership in this companys product line belongs to Grippol vaccine, which accounts for almost 100% of the total sales volume related to the flu vaccines, produced by the company, and for about 50% of the total volume of the market. FSUE RPA Microgen has been producing the vaccine since 1996 under the license of RPA Petrovax Farm. Grippol was developed at the Immunology Institute under the RF Health Ministry and was patented in 1995. The production of the vaccine was launched at the Ufa Immunopreparat plant in 1996.  

The LLC RPA Petrovax Farm, established purposely for this project, transferred all the documents to the plant for the right to obtain a 4% sales royalty. In addition to this, the developers had an access to the production and were engaged in the promotion of Grippol. In 2003, several state-owned pharmaceutical production facilities, including the Ufa plant, were integrated into RPA Microgen. In 2004, the LLC RPA Petrovax Farm announced commencement of construction of Grippol production facility in Podolsk, jointly with the Belgian pharmaceutical corporation Solvay Pharma. The plant was commissioned in 2008. 

The second position (in physical terms), as estimated by Abercade experts, is held by the Russian RPA Petrovax Farm. As of year-end 2013, the share of the company accounted for 33% and 38% in quantitative and value terms, respectively.

The top three leaders among the producers, represented on the Russian market of flu vaccines, are complemented by Sanofi Pasteur, its 2013 supply volume making up about 0.8 million doses in physical terms (2% of the overall market size). This company is represented on the Russian flu vaccine market by Vaxigrip brand, its share of supply accounting for 2% of the total volume of the market. 

The share of other producers, as of year-end 2013, made up about 2% and 15% of the overall market size, in quantitative and value terms, respectively.

Source: Abercade

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