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Nanopowders: world market

Period: 2004&beyond
Region: World market
Abercade puts out unique report "Nanopowders: world market"...


1 World Price Trends in Nanopowder Production

1.1 Chief factors influencing nanopowder pricing

1.2 Prices for the most commonly produced powders

1.3 Prices for specialty powders

1.4 Price trends for nanomaterials until 2008

1.5 Price and geographical location

2 World Production of Nanopowders

2.1 Principal nanopowder-producing countries

2.2 Production of powders by region

2.3 Type of powders produced by region

2.4 Characteristics of nanopowder producers

2.5 Factors influencing nanopowder production

3 World consumption of nanopowders

3.1 Consumption by industry

3.2 Consumption by region

3.3 Type of powders consumed by region

3.4 Characteristics of nanopowder consumption

3.5 Factors influencing nanopowder consumption

4 World nanopowder consumption trends

4.1 Estimated increase in consumption by 2008

4.2 Nanopowder timeline: when will what be used and what for?

5 Description of most commonly used nanopowders

5.1 Metal oxides

5.2 Pure metal powders

5.3 Compounds and compound oxides

5.4 Size of produced powders

6 Countries leading in nanoparticle technology

6.1 North America

6.2 Europe

6.3 Asia

6.4 Other

6.5 Trade between regions

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