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Calcium Carbonate: Analysis of the 2004-2005 Market

Period: 2005-2005
Region: Russia


1. Russia market of calcium carbonate

1.1. Kinds, brands and main technical requirements

1.2. Purpose (sectors consumption with breakdown by shares)

1.3. Production in 2003-2004

1.3.1. Production of calcium carbonate by companies

1.3.2. Production of thin-dispersed calcium carbonate by companies

1.4. Import of calcium carbonate

1.4.1. Dynamics of import in 2000-2004

1.4.2. Import in 2004 by suppliers

1.5. Export of calcium carbonate

1.5.1. Dynamics of export in 2000-2004

1.5.2. Main exportеrs in 2004

1.6. Consumption of thin-dispersed chalk by sectors

1.6.1. Paper industry

1.6.2. Paint and varnish industry

1.6.3. Building industry

1.6.4. Polymer industry

1.6.5. Glass industry

1.7. Breakdown of consumption of thin-dispersed chalk by companies (contacts, volume, purchasing prices, brands; description of more than 50 companies)

2. World market of thin-dispersed and chemically deposited chalk. Forecast of consumption for the period until 2010

2.1. Characteristics of products

2.2. Description of the general situation in the world market of chalk

2.3. Description of commodity markets by regions

3. Estimate of possible consumption and dynamics of the market of thin-dispersed chalk in Russia

3.1. Barriers to entering the sector

3.1.1. Volume and capacity of the market of thin-dispersed chalk

3.1.2. Conditions required for establishing production in Russia

3.2. Assessment of development of consumer sectors

4. Conclusion

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