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Municipal Equipment

Market for Municipal Boiler Plant Equipment in 2008 – 2009

Period: 2008-2009
Region: Russia
Presented below is a market research on the Russian market for municipal boiler plant equipment in 2008-2009


1. Municipal boiler plants in RF: general description

1.1. Technical condition
1.2. Programs of municipal boiler plant modernization in the regions of RF 
1.3. The cost of municipal boiler plant modernization
1.3.1 Application of novel technologies: main trends 

2. Manufacture of boiler equipment in RF

2.1. Types of boilers and their specification
2.2. Major RF manufacturers of boiler equipment
2.3. Review of prices from the RF manufacturers

3. Imported boiler equipment

3.1. Import of equipment (in ‘physical’ and monetary terms)
3.2. Major foreign manufacturers, supplying equipment to RF
3.3. Review of prices from foreign manufacturers

4. Export of boiler equipment
4.1. Export of equipment (in ‘physical’ and monetary terms)
4.2. Major users of the Russian equipment
5. The use of boiler equipment  
5.1. The use of equipment  (in ‘physical’ and monetary terms)

Key conclusions

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