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Chinese Market of Water, Gas, Electrical Energy and Heat Accounting Meters in 2009

Period: 2009
Region: China
Abercade presents a market research of the utility meters market of the People’s Republic of China in 2009.



1. Key trends in the world market of utility meters

2. Major factors facilitating growth in the Chinese market of utility meters 

2.1 China’s policy in the area of instrumental accounting of water consumption
2.2 China’s policy in the area of instrumental accounting of heat consumption 
2.3 Changes in the reforming policy in heat supply sector 

3. Production of utility meters in China

3.1 General characterization of accounting meters production  
3.2 Analysis of production of water accounting meters 
3.3 Analysis of production of energy accounting meters 
3.4 Анализ производства приборов учета газа 

4. Import of accounting meters into China 

4.1 Import of water meters 
4.2 Import of gas meters 
4.3 Import of energy meters 
4.4 Import of hest meters  
4.5 General import dynamics of utility meters

5. Export of accounting meters from China 

5.1 Export of liquid meters 
5.2 Export of gas meters 
5.3 Export of electric energy meters 
5.4 Export of heat meters

6. Requirements to players of the accounting meters market in China  

6.1 Technical requirements to the certification of accounting meters in China  
6.2 Customs duty rates for accounting meters imported into China 
6.3 Methods of payment under commercial contracts 
6.4 Conditions for setting up an accounting meters production facility in China  
6.5 Opening of a representative office in China
6.6 Strategic alliance 
6.7 Direct investments
6.8 Competition analysis of the Chinese market of accounting meters 
6.9 Recommendations concerning entry to the Chinese market of utility meters 

7. Key strategies for the promotion of utility meters in the Chinese market 

7.1 Strategy of direct sales
7.2 Sales of accounting meters through the local distributors and agents  
7.3 Key distributors of utility meters in China 
7.4 Strategy for the promotion of accounting meters in China
7.5 Provision of post-sales services 
7.6 Key trends of the utilities meters distribution in the Chinese market 

8. Key features of the Chinese market of utility meters

8.1 Structure of the Chinese market of accounting meters 
8.2 Key consumer requirements for utility meters  
8.3 Key decision-making criteria for buying utility meters 
8.4 Kinds of payments used in China for contracts on accounting meter shipments  

9. Structure of demand for utility meters in China

9.1 Structure of demand for water meters 
9.2 Structure of demand for gas meters 
9.3 Structure of demand for electric energy meters 
9.4 Structure of demand for heat energy meters
9.5 Prospects of growth of the Chinese market of heat energy accounting systems  

10. Utility meter costs in China 

10.1 Cost of water meters 
10.2 Cost of gas meters
10.3 Cost of electrical energy meters 
10.4 Cost of heat energy meters


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