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Accounting Devices/Meters

Kazakhstan’s Market of Gas, Water, Heat and Energy Accounting Meters in 2009

Period: 2009
Region: Kazakhstan


1. Kazakhstan’s Market of Natural Gas Accounting Instruments

1.1 General situation and key trends in gas industry of Kazakhstan 
1.2 Production of gas accounting meters
1.3 Import of gas meters
1.4 Export of gas meters
1.5 Gas meters market volume
1.6 Rating of the key players of gas meters market
2. Kazakhstan’s Market of Electrical Energy Accounting Meters

2.1 Age-related structure of the Kazakhstan’s fleet of electrical energy accounting meters 
2.2 Production output of electrical energy accounting meters 
2.3 Import of electrical energy meters
2.4 Export of electrical energy meters
2.5 Electrical energy meters market volume
2.6 Rating of the key players of electrical energy meters market 
3. Kazakhstan’s Market of Water Accounting Meters
3.1 Production output of water meters
3.2 Import of water meters
3.3 Export of water meters
3.4 Water meters market volume
3.5 Rating of the key players of water meters market
3.6 Key trends of water accounting meters market
4. Kazakhstan’s Market of Heat Energy Accounting Meters 
4.1 General trends of heat energy accounting meters market
4.2 Production of heat energy meters
4.3 Import of heat energy meters 
4.4 Export of heat energy meters 
4.5 Market volume of heat energy meters
4.6 Rating of the key players of heat energy meters market
5. Trends of the Kazakhstan’s Market of Accounting Meters
5.1 Overall volume of meters market
5.2 General dynamics of import of accounting meters
5.3 General dynamics of export of accounting meters 
5.4 General status of equipment with accounting instruments
6. Cost of Meters in Kazakhstan
6.1 Cost of gas meters
6.2 Cost of electrical energy meters
6.3 Cost of water meters
6.4 Cost of heat energy meters

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