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Overview of the 2006-2010 Market of Implantable Electric Pacemakers

Period: 2006-2010
Region: Russia
Excerpts from the report:

"... As of 2010, products of two Russian and eight foreign manufacturers were available in the Russian market of electric pacemakers (EPM).

The largest company accounting for 47% in kind (and 27% in terms of money) is the Kardioelektronika CJSC. The second largest company, based on the in-kind indicator, is the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Izhevsk Mechanical Plant” accounting for 29% in kind (and 24% in terms of money) of the Russian EPM market. The two companies are domestic EPM manufacturers.
The total 2009 share of the leading enterprises was equal to 60% in kind and 28% in terms of money.

Some other major players in the EPM market are:  Implanta CJAC (6% in kind and 21% in terms of money), Biotronik Ltd. (8% in kind and 21% in terms of money), Incomed Ltd. (3% in kind and 7% in terms of money), Intercardio Ltd. (3% in kind and 5% in terms of money), Yunona Holding OJSC (2% in kind and 1% in terms of money). The high popularity of Russian manufacturers is explained by low prices on pacemakers as compared to foreign-made ones (10-12 times cheaper)..."


1. Description of the Subject of Investigation
     1.1. Limitations in EPM application
     1.2. EPM regimes according to the ICHD system
     1.3. The most widespread stimulation regimes
     1.4. Funding of EPM purchase
     1.5. Medical centers implanting EPMs in the Russian Federation

2. Main Market Characteristics
     2.1.     Rating of top players
     2.2. Rating of top manufacturers
     2.3. Profiles of companies
     2.4. Prospects of market development
     2.5. Possibilities of market development in the next decade

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