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Analysis of the 2005-2010 Market of Panels for Large-Panel Residential Construction

Period: 2005-2010
Region: Russia
"...Positive 2005-2007 dynamics of concrete goods production (2006 growth rate – 123.2%, 2007 growth rate – 115.2%) gave place to a slight drop in 2008 (the output decreased by 0.9%), and then to a steep decline in 2009 when the output decreased by 40.4% against the previous year. Only February 2010 witnessed a certain growth of the indicator against the same period of the previous year (the growth rate against February 2009 was 4%). In 2010, 5.4 million sq. m of panels for large-panel construction were produced in the Russian Federation, which was 14.1% more than in the previous year..."


1. Overview of the Russian Federation Construction Market 

     1.1.Main 2010 indicators of the construction sector 

     1.2.Residential construction

     1.3.Nonresidential construction

     1.4.Situation in the mortgage market and the role of Agencies for Housing Mortgage Lending (AHML)

     1.5.State support of the construction sector in 2010

     1.5.2010 summary and prospects for 2011

2. Panel Construction

     2.1.Definition of the commodity group

     2.2.Volume of output

     2.3.Seasonal nature of production
     2.4.Geographical structure of production
     2.5.Price movement

     2.6.Construction panel export and import

     2.7.Rating of the main market segments

     2.8.Profiles of potential competing companies

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